Saturday, July 25, 2009


Fabulous week so far.  There some exciting developments happening in our family, but I'm not going to elaborate until I have some definite information--some of you already know, so I'll leave it at that.

Ella's 2 month checkup was Friday!  She is 9 lbs. 9 oz. now and 21 1/2 inches long.  Doc says she is doing well, but she does have a small case of excema on her face and chest.  Just a little dry skin/red bumps deal that should go away with aquaphor.  

I love watching Ella smile!  Today she was smiling only at Kaitlyne.  No one else could get her to do it :)  Kaitlyne always walks up to Ella and says "Hi Ella, what's on your mind?" it's hilarious and so cute.  Here are some pictures of them playing around the other day:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Off!

Hey all~

Michael actually had Saturday and Sunday both off this week, so we had a great weekend!  Saturday we headed over to Durham (Southpoint) to do some window shopping.  We went to lunch at Tomato Jake's pizza restaurant, (it was pretty yummy) then headed home for the day.  

Sunday Michael made a chocolate cheesecake, and I made my multiple trips to CVS for deals :)  
Today Michael is closing, so the girls and I are just hanging out at home.  It's cloudy/rainy out, so that seemed like the best idea for the day.  We may head out later on just to get out of the house.  I've been trying to clean up the house since my mom will be here a week from tomorrow!!!  So excited!!  Kaitlyne has spent the day painting with the new paints her gma debbie and gpa steve got her, along with playing with some crayons and stickers (she LOVES stickers!).  

Ella has been smiling at me all day!!!!  We have seen a few here and there from her, but kind of ones where we really don't know if she is really smiling or just grinning from gas, etc.  However, today, I've been making silly faces and doing all kinds of crazy voices to try and get her to smile, and it's worked!!  I've received quite a few grins out of her :)  YAY!!!!  Now, if I could just get a picture of one..hmm....

We've decided what we're going to do for Kaitlyne's birthday party this year.  We're going to invite her two little friends Alyssa and Logan and head over to Marbles kids museum.  It's a great museum that is so much fun for kids.  Then afterwards, we're going to go out for pizza and have cake, etc.  Something simple, yet fun for the kids, which is what I wanted.  I'm sure next year's party will be much more chaotic since I'm sure she will have more friends since she'll have had a year in preschool and dance class by then!  

I hope everyone is doing well, and is enjoying reading the blog so far.  I'm trying to update as much as possible.  Please Please leave us some comments (at the bottom of each post you can click on "comments) and let us know how you're doing/if you like the blog, etc. so we can figure out if anyone is actually reading it and if it's worth keeping up with.  THANKS!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hi All~

Our weekend was fairly uneventful.  Michael had to work Saturday and Sunday as well, so the girls and I just relaxed around the house.  

Tuesday Michael finally had the day off, so we ran some errands and that night we all went to a pampered chef party that one of his employees had at her house.  When I told K we were going to a party, she responds "Is there going to be cake?"  She was less than impressed  that we were taking her to a party that wasn't serving cake.  She was another source of entertainment for the party.  We had brought her little dvd player, a movie, goldfish crackers and juice to attempt to keep her entertained.  It kind of back fired on us though.  Every couple of minutes she would pop her head into the party area and update everyone on what was happening in the movie =/  It was cute though, and the other party guests or host didn't seem to mind much.  

Yesterday the girls and I just stayed around the house again.  I'm trying to figure out what kind of party Kaitlyne wants to have for her birthday but every time I ask her all she says is presents =D  When I ask her what presents she wants, she says BICYCLE!!!  So I guess that means we're probably going to get her a little bike for her bday.  I'm not sure what size to get.  There are 12" and 16" for her age range...I guess we'll just have to take her to the store and have her sit on some to see which one would be best.  We also decided to sign her up for ballet class through the parks and recreation department of Raleigh.  She is forever trying to be a ballerina, so it'll be a fun class for her to take.  It's all 3-5 year olds, so it's obviously not going to be that difficult or strenuous as a normal dance class, just more of an introduction and getting to dress up really :)  and it's only an hour a week.  I asked her if she would like that and EVER SINCE she has been talking about it.  We ran to target the other night, and the entire time we were in there, she was yelling "BALLET........JUMP!!" and jumping around the whole store instead of walking.  It was funny at first...but then it's kind of hard to get around with a jump-only toddler =/

Here are a couple pics of K wearing her new (CLEARANCE) shoes we picked up at Target (and you can't forget the purse--she had to carry it even though it doesn't match whatsoever =D )

Friday, July 10, 2009


We're starting this blog so that family/friends can keep up with our family in pictures, stories, daily life in general.  

Ella has been home with us for 3 weeks now (as of yesterday).  We are starting to get into the swing of things.  Kaitlyne loves her little sister, and so far, hasn't shown much jealousy at all (lucky for us!)  She wants to touch, kiss, and hold Ella all the time, though, of course!

Ella has been to the doctor 3 times since she's been home.  Twice to our regular pediatrician, and once to the surgeon.  All reports are that she is doing fabulously, and the visit with the surgeon went great as well.  She is up to 8 lbs.  1 oz. We found out that her left lung has expanded to fill up her chest cavity, and you can't tell that it's any different or has been any different from her other lung.  YAY!!!  Thanks to all who prayed for her once again.

For our Illinois readers :)  We all will be coming back to the IL in October for my best friend's wedding (wait, isn't that a movie =D )  My friend Melissa is getting married October 24th, so the whole family will be making the trek back to the midwest around that time (not sure of the exact date yet).  I am a bridesmaid in the wedding, and Kaitlyne is the flower girl!!  It should be a great time, and we're going to visit as many people as we can while we're there also.

This month is already flying by.  My mom will be coming to visit at the end of this month, I'm really excited about that.  She will be staying for 5 days or so.  My dad, grandma, and brother Jeremy came shortly after Ella was born and stayed for a week, too.  It's always great when family/friends come to visit.  

Kaitlyne's 3rd birthday is next month--August 17th.  So hard to believe that she will be turning 3 years old!!!  We haven't decided yet what the party details will be, but I'm sure there will be one!  She has been going around lately telling everyone who will listen "I will be three in August!!!"  Too cute.  In September, she will be starting Discovery kids preschool at the local YMCA.  It is a great program, 3 days a week from 9-12.  Nothing too long, but I wanted her to have some interaction with other kids, and have fun as well.  The program has swimming, Spanish, as well as all the pre-writing/reading, and academic type aspects.  She is SOOO excited about it; she can't wait.  She asks me all the time when she's going.  

Tuesday of this week, I took the girls to the free summer movie at Brier Creek theater.  During the summer, all of the regal theaters in the area (and across the country) offer free kids movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  We went last year, and so I decided to take the girls again this year.  Obviously Ella doesn't get much out of it, she slept in the sling the whole time, but Kaitlyne really enjoys it.  We saw Island of Nim this time, it's a cute story about a little girl who has her own island with her scientist dad.  Afterwards, we headed over to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and to let Kaitlyne play.  She's finally big enough and brave enough to climb up the entire playland and actually slide down the slide.  Every single time she slides down, she runs over to me and screams in excitement.  It's hilarious.  Oh--also, as she climbs the stairs she counts them REALLY loud.  And, of course, she always skips #6, so it's "One, Two, Thee, Foe, Five, Sevent, Eight, Nine, TEN!!!!"

Wednesday was our appointment with Dr. Helmrath, Ella's surgeon at UNC Children's hospital.  He is such a nice guy!  He is very mellow, calm, etc.  He made us feel very at ease (as much as we could at least) whenever Ella was about to have her surgery back in May, and he was like that again on Wednesday.  As I said before, the lung looks great and she will follow up with him in 6 months, and then once a year after that.  Here's a pic of him and Ella bell:

After the appointment, we went out to eat with Michael's mom Debbie at Mama Dips restaurant. YUMMMMY!!!  Then we headed back to the bank (where Debbie works) and Kaitlyne and Ella had some presents there from grandma Debbie and Grandpa Steve, as well as a few presents from some employees at the bank too.  Such cute stuff!

Yesterday was sort of a down day for us.  Michael had to work until close, so the girls and I ventured out to McDonalds and then did some shopping/coupon hunting at Kroger :)  Today has been fairly uneventful as well.  Not sure what we're going to do over the weekend.  Michael has to work both days :(  boooo  

Here are some new pics of Kaitlyne and Ella, some of them are from my iphone, so the quality isn't all that fabulous.