Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hi All~

Our weekend was fairly uneventful.  Michael had to work Saturday and Sunday as well, so the girls and I just relaxed around the house.  

Tuesday Michael finally had the day off, so we ran some errands and that night we all went to a pampered chef party that one of his employees had at her house.  When I told K we were going to a party, she responds "Is there going to be cake?"  She was less than impressed  that we were taking her to a party that wasn't serving cake.  She was another source of entertainment for the party.  We had brought her little dvd player, a movie, goldfish crackers and juice to attempt to keep her entertained.  It kind of back fired on us though.  Every couple of minutes she would pop her head into the party area and update everyone on what was happening in the movie =/  It was cute though, and the other party guests or host didn't seem to mind much.  

Yesterday the girls and I just stayed around the house again.  I'm trying to figure out what kind of party Kaitlyne wants to have for her birthday but every time I ask her all she says is presents =D  When I ask her what presents she wants, she says BICYCLE!!!  So I guess that means we're probably going to get her a little bike for her bday.  I'm not sure what size to get.  There are 12" and 16" for her age range...I guess we'll just have to take her to the store and have her sit on some to see which one would be best.  We also decided to sign her up for ballet class through the parks and recreation department of Raleigh.  She is forever trying to be a ballerina, so it'll be a fun class for her to take.  It's all 3-5 year olds, so it's obviously not going to be that difficult or strenuous as a normal dance class, just more of an introduction and getting to dress up really :)  and it's only an hour a week.  I asked her if she would like that and EVER SINCE she has been talking about it.  We ran to target the other night, and the entire time we were in there, she was yelling "BALLET........JUMP!!" and jumping around the whole store instead of walking.  It was funny at first...but then it's kind of hard to get around with a jump-only toddler =/

Here are a couple pics of K wearing her new (CLEARANCE) shoes we picked up at Target (and you can't forget the purse--she had to carry it even though it doesn't match whatsoever =D )

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