Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Off!

Hey all~

Michael actually had Saturday and Sunday both off this week, so we had a great weekend!  Saturday we headed over to Durham (Southpoint) to do some window shopping.  We went to lunch at Tomato Jake's pizza restaurant, (it was pretty yummy) then headed home for the day.  

Sunday Michael made a chocolate cheesecake, and I made my multiple trips to CVS for deals :)  
Today Michael is closing, so the girls and I are just hanging out at home.  It's cloudy/rainy out, so that seemed like the best idea for the day.  We may head out later on just to get out of the house.  I've been trying to clean up the house since my mom will be here a week from tomorrow!!!  So excited!!  Kaitlyne has spent the day painting with the new paints her gma debbie and gpa steve got her, along with playing with some crayons and stickers (she LOVES stickers!).  

Ella has been smiling at me all day!!!!  We have seen a few here and there from her, but kind of ones where we really don't know if she is really smiling or just grinning from gas, etc.  However, today, I've been making silly faces and doing all kinds of crazy voices to try and get her to smile, and it's worked!!  I've received quite a few grins out of her :)  YAY!!!!  Now, if I could just get a picture of one..hmm....

We've decided what we're going to do for Kaitlyne's birthday party this year.  We're going to invite her two little friends Alyssa and Logan and head over to Marbles kids museum.  It's a great museum that is so much fun for kids.  Then afterwards, we're going to go out for pizza and have cake, etc.  Something simple, yet fun for the kids, which is what I wanted.  I'm sure next year's party will be much more chaotic since I'm sure she will have more friends since she'll have had a year in preschool and dance class by then!  

I hope everyone is doing well, and is enjoying reading the blog so far.  I'm trying to update as much as possible.  Please Please leave us some comments (at the bottom of each post you can click on "comments) and let us know how you're doing/if you like the blog, etc. so we can figure out if anyone is actually reading it and if it's worth keeping up with.  THANKS!!

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